Beavercreek Youth Softball Association
"Fostering teamwork, good sportsmanship, and community spirit."

BYSA Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the BYSA? Tell me briefly about it.

The Beavercreek Youth Softball Association (BYSA) was formed in 1983 to promote recreational slow-pitch softball primarily for the youth of Beavercreek. Youth from neighboring communities are allowed to play on a space available basis. Teams are co-ed; i.e., boys and girls play on the same team. There are seven youth leagues: the Minor League for pre-school and Kindergarteners, the Rookie League for 1st and 2nd graders, the Junior League for 3rd and 4th graders, the Pre-Teen League for 5th and 6th graders, the Teen League for 7th and 8th graders, the Majors League for 9th and 10th graders, and the Seniors League for 11th and 12th graders. In the past 5-10 years, we have averaged over 1100 participants spread across 90+ teams in these 7 leagues. The BYSA season consists of league play for all leagues—about 10-15 games per team—followed by a league tournament for all leagues except the Minor and Rookie Leagues. See FAQ#12 for additional tournament information.

2. What is the cost and how do I register my child(ren)?

If you register your child(ren) by April 24, 2018, use the table below to determine your cost. If you sign-up after April 24, add in a $5 late fee per family.

    TOTAL REGISTRATION FEE (If received by April 24, 2018)

    No. of Children (players):





    Total Fee Due:





For Kindergartener or pre-school children you can click here to get a copy of the information sheet (along with registration form) explaining “A league of their own”.  Forms are also available at the Library and City Hall.

For elementary and middle school students, registration forms are passed out at the schools. Forms are also are available at the Library and City Hall or by clicking here.

For 9th grader or higher, get the special High School registration form by clicking here or check at the school office.

3. How are teams formed?

We use different methods to form league teams.  These methods have been developed over time and overall have proven to be very effective.  They are not perfect, but we do not profess perfection or total balance in teams, although that is a goal we strive for.  For Kindergarten through the Pre-Teen leagues, teams in the BYSA are formed based on a combination of school attended, neighborhood, age/current grade, and play-withs.  Furthermore, we try to assure that teams in these leagues are made up of an equal number of boys and girls to the extent possible.  Starting with the Major League (9th and 10th grade), we allow players to form a nucleus of players they want to be with and we supplement those groups with individual sign-ups.  For the Senior League (11th and 12th grade) teams, we encourage players to form their own teams as much as possible and we supplement those teams with individual sign-ups.  For the Major and Senior leagues, we maintain the co-ed flavor by requiring each team have at least 4 girls on defense at any one time. In all leagues, everyone present is put in the batting line-up.

4. When does practice and league play start and when is the season over?

Practices should start in early May for the Minor and Rookie Leagues, and possibly the Junior League, depending on when the Coaches ' meeting(s) are held. Preteens and Teens should start the 2nd week of May. Practices for older leagues likely won't start until the third week of May.  Actual dates will be posted in early May on the BYSA website. Most league games start between Memorial Day and June 1.  It is important to watch the website schedule and stay in contact with the team coach.  The season ends in week none or ten, but varies for the different leagues, depending on tournament times, number of teams, etc.

5. When can I expect to find out which team my child is on?

At the coaches’ meeting, we will pass out their rosters.  These meetings are expected to take place between May 6 and May 11 for the Minor, Rookie, Junior, Pre-teen, and Teen Leagues and the following week for the Major and Senior Leagues.  You should expect a call from the coach the within a few days of the applicable coaches’ meeting.  If you haven’t heard from a coach by that date, please call 426-4610 or the coordinator for the league your child is in (per the BYSA Commissioners info on the website), and ask what team your child is on.

6. What is the play-with policy?

BYSA understands the importance of the kids playing with their friends and have adopted a play-with policy.  Only one play-with request is guaranteed but there must be a reciprocal play-with request.  You can request other play-withs, but you must designate your primary play-with. Coaches may also be requested.  Siblings on the same team are allowed their own play-withs.  If you are late registering, play-with requests may not be honored.

7. I have two children playing that would be assigned to different leagues--is there any way they can play on the same team to save me trips?

Any player may always play up, but rarely, if ever, are allowed to play down. The decision to “play up” is left up to the parent who should consider such things as size, ability, and can the child play up without feeling intimidated or overwhelmed.  The parents know this better than any commissioner; therefore, the parents’ wishes are the deciding factor.  We average about 12 “play ups’ each year, mostly in the Minor and Rookie Leagues.

8. What are game times?  And where are they played?

Games are played Monday through Friday at Rotary Park at the Lefty McFadden Youth softball fields (diamonds 5 through 8 and 11 and 12).  Game times are at 6:00 PM, 7:20 PM, 8:30 PM, and 9:40 PM (for the Teen, Major and Senior Leagues).  Also, there may be Wednesday and Friday night games at 8:30 PM and 9:40 PM on adult diamonds 1 and 2.  BYSA does not schedule regular or make-up season games on the weekends.  We try to make up games during the week provided we have an open spot on the schedule.  Make-up games are coordinated with the teams to make sure they have players available.

9. Can you tell me what night my child will play?

The Minor League will play the vast majority of its games on Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM and 7:20 PM (if needed) on diamonds 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12.  The Minor league may also have other game days/times as well.  The other leagues may have games scheduled on any weeknight.  The schedule depends mainly on how many teams are in each league and that will not be known until mid-May.

10. How many games can we expect to play each week?  When will the schedule be available?

The schedule will not be available until the third or fourth week of May.  Our goal is to schedule each team for at least a 10 game regular season.  Therefore, you should expect your child to play about 1.5 times a week for the first 6 weeks of the season.  For the remainder of the season, the Minors and Rookies will play about 2 games a week.  For the Junior through Senior Leagues, over the last 2 weeks these teams play a tournament, and the frequency of games will most likely increase.

11. If my child is unable or unwilling to play after they have registered, can I expect a refund?

If the request is made prior to May TBD, there is a full refund.  If the request is made just before the start of the regular season because the child no longer wants to play, you will be refunded your registration fee minus $15 to pay for the player’s shirt (player gets to keep the shirt).  There is no refund after the season begins.  If the child has been injured or is sick and is unable to play just prior to start of the season, then a full refund will be made (proof may be requested).  If the injury/sickness occurs after the season starts, then a full refund may be made; the BYSA Head Commissioner will decide the refund amount.  Call 426-4610 if you want to request a refund.

12. Do you allow any “handpicked teams” for the Minor through the Senior Leagues?

For the Minor through Teen Leagues, team members sign up individually and are assigned teams based on the criteria found in the FAQ #3 “How are teams formed?” above.  Because our philosophy is to group players on a team by school, age/grade, and play-withs, it sometimes works out that some teams are stronger than others.  Other teams may start out as equal, but because of injuries, extended vacations, etc, they may be weaker than other teams.  To offset these variables, we have a regular season followed by a tournament for the Junior through Senior Leagues and we use the results of the season to classify teams as strong teams (Gold Division) and not as strong teams (Silver Division).  These two divisions then play their respective tournaments.  This provides competitive play within each division and leads to closer and more exciting games.  (Note: If the number of teams in a league are 10 or more and there is a shown competitive difference in the teams, the League Coordinator may add on additional divisions of play.)

13. How do we know if a game is rained out?

Your coach or his/her assistant should call you.  They have been provided a rain-out number to call in case of inclement or threatening weather.  We will try to update the web page and our Facebook and Twitter info, provided we have sufficient lead time, but in many cases there will not be enough time. If the adult leagues have been rained out, that does not necessarily mean the BYSA games are rained out.  We have the flexibility to work the diamonds right up to game time to get them ready for a game. We might also cancel a 6PM game but play the others.  When it rains after 6PM, your coach has a special number to call to check on field status—that number is only provided to coaches so make sure you check with your coach before assuming a game is cancelled.

14. What equipment will my child need?

BYSA provides each player with a shirt.  For the Minor, Rookie, and Junior Leagues, all players are also provided a cap.  BYSA also loans each coach an equipment bag that contains softballs, a couple of bats, catchers mask and chest protector.  For game play, BYSA also provides batting helmets.  Your child will need to provide their own glove.  Players may wear shorts or pants, their own hat, and may use their own personal bats (as long as diameter of the barrel end of the bat does not exceed 2.25 inches).  Shoes can either be tennis/gym type shoes or soccer/athletic turf shoes (cleats).  Metal spikes are not allowed.

15. My child has a handicap. Can he/she play?

Please contact the BYSA Head Commissioner to discuss your specific situation and we will attempt to honor the request.  In most cases we can find a way to make this work, as we have done several times in the past.

16. I would like to sponsor my child(ren)’s team(s).  What do I need to do?

We are always in need of sponsors.  Please click here for information regarding being a BYSA sponsor, or contact Amanda Fisher at  Sponsorships help keep the individual costs down and also provide the sponsoring company a great advertising opportunity for a relatively low cost.

17. I’m concerned we might be late arriving for 6:00 PM games because of dinner, or we need to provide treats for the team after their game.  Is there a concession stand available?

Yes, there is a concession stand located in the center of diamonds 5, 6, 7, and 8 that provides hot foods such as grilled chicken, hot dogs, and pretzels for those rushing to the game from work.  The concession stand also carries a full assortment of snack goodies for the younger crowd.  If you need to provide team snacks, you can come to the concession stand and purchase tokens worth $1.00 that you can pass out to team members (or anyone) and they in turn redeem them for a snack of their choice.  This is very popular with the kids.  Prices are very reasonable and profits are used to help keep individual costs down, to purchase new equipment, and to make improvements to the diamonds.  There is also a limited concession stand at diamonds 11 and 12 where drinks and snacks will be available and the $1 tokens will also be sold there.

For more information contact Bob Darden at or by phone at 426-4610.