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BYSA 2021

In 2020, BYSA completed its 37th year of providing recreational youth slow pitch softball. We felt blessed that last season was completed despite all the uncertainty and we thank the nearly 1100 players, volunteer coaches and volunteer commissioners for making it happen while staying safe with no reported Covid cases. We are now ready for the 2021 season and look forward to another successful year.


Bob Darden, Head Commissioner

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As a reminder, the first place to check for field conditions/game status for practices and games is


3 March 2021: Beginners & Kindergarten Leagues will play Wiffle Ball! Wiffle Ball is divided into two leagues:

  • Beginner’s league for 3-4 years old (Pre-K) at start of the season.
  • Kindergarten league for 5-6 years old (Older Pre-K/completed K) at start of the season.

The objectives are to teach the fundamentals of softball, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Games are approx. 50 minutes long, using wiffle balls and bats. Generally, there will be 8 players assigned to a team provided parents are willing to coach. Everyone plays the entire game. Parents pitch and instruct players. Batters are not required to wear helmets but may do so if they choose. An umpire is provided by BYSA. Games are played weekdays only; no weekend games. Parents are encouraged to call 937-422-4949 to discuss individual circumstances, especially the option of playing up into 1/2 Rookie league for regular softball.

BYSA is gearing up for its 38th season. Registration forms will be available by March 4 at the preschools / kindergarten / elementary schools and also at the library and city buildings. You can also request the forms by emailing


  • May 1: Last day that play-withs can be guaranteed. Last day to save $5.00 (late fee will be added after this date)
  • May 1-12: Teams being formed and coaches notified of meetings
  • May 13-21: Coaches' meeting- League coordinators will notify coaches which day to attend
  • May 14-22: Coaches contact players after the meeting and provide parents practice/game info, etc
  • May 17-June 4: Practices are scheduled at Lefty McFadden Youth Softball complex in Rotary Park
  • Week of June 7: Games start
  • August 5: Absolute last day of season

SPECIAL NEED:  BYSA is looking for one or more persons who have website development skills (i.e. WordPress) and is/are willing to help improve and preferrably upgrade the BYSA website.  If interested please email Steve Robinson at


BYSA Code of Conduct
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(click here for a larger Web version)

As a Parent/Guardian, I recognize that parents/guardians are the most important role models for their children, and that sports help to develop a sense of teamwork, self-worth, and sportsmanship. As such, I agree to abide by the following:

  1. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, fans, and officials at games, practices and other sporting events.
  2. Place the well-being of my child before any personal desire to win.
  3. Advocate a sports environment for my child that is free of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and abusive language, and refrain from their use during youth sporting events.
  4. Encourage my child to play by the rules and respect the rights of other players, coaches, fans, and officials.

As a Coach, I recognize that coaches are role models for their team members and all participants involved in the activity, and that sports help to develop a sense of teamwork, self-worth and sportsmanship. As such, I agree to abide by the following:

  1. Place the emotional and physical well being of my players ahead of a personal desire or external pressure to win.
  2. Do my best to provide a safe playing environment for all participants.
  3. Lead by example by demonstrating fair play and sportsmanship to all involved.
  4. Provide a sports environment for my team that is free of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and abusive language and refrain from their use at all sporting events.
  5. Respect the game and league officials and communicate with them in an appropriate manner.
  6. Be knowledgeable of the league rules and regulations, and teach these rules to all players on my team.
  7. Encourage my team members to play by the league rules and respect the rights of other players, coaches, fans, and officials.
  8. Be responsible for my own behavior and also the behavior of my assistant coaches, players, their parents, and fans.

As a Player, I understand that I must follow these rules to stay in good standing (For Teens, Majors, and Seniors Leagues):

  1. Respect the game, play fairly, and follow its rules and regulations.
  2. Show respect for authority to the officials of the game and of the league.
  3. Demonstrate good sportsmanship before, during, and after games.
  4. Help parents and fans understand the league philosophy so they can watch and enjoy the game.
  5. Be courteous to opposing teams and treat all players and coaches with respect.
  6. Be modest when successful and be gracious in defeat.
  7. Respect the privilege of the use of public facilities.
  8. Refrain from the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and abusive language.
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